innovative glass products

iGP was originally set in 2001 to manufacture six tons of KiloLux glass, a product developed by Rodney Bender, for the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, South Wales. Since its foundation iGP has worked with a range of companies, interior designers, architects, engineers and product designers in the development of new or bespoke products. iGP also has manufacturing capability for small order and batch production.

The company also provides a consultancy service for SME’s, and designers in the initial stages of project and product development.

  • kilolux — Is a bespoke product that can be made in a diverse variety of shapes and dimensions. It has been independently tested for application in building facades. IGP also offers a advice on glazing methods and installation. We can also install KiloLux.
  • product development & prototyping — IGP has worked with a variety of organizations and SME’s to develop products. We can offer a design service, prototyping and batch production service.

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