Kilolux was developed in 1998 by Rodney Bender. It was originally developed for Jonathan Adams, architect of the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff South Wales UK. The product was patented in 1999 and was subsequently used in the Wales Millennium Centre,(WMC) Cardiff 2001.

As it was being employed as a weather seal on the WMC it had to be rigorously tested to comply with the specifications of the architects, Capita Percy Thomas. The product was independently tested for freeze thaw, thermal shading, and edge stress, and the glazing system developed to install it in the masonry was also tested for weather seal. The product was also found to have excellent compressive strength.

Since it was first developed KiloLux has been used in a variety of different contexts, for interior or exterior applications and the product shape and colour has been diversified. It can be manufactured with a variety of different glass types, most commonly with soda lime float glass or Low Iron float glass.

KiloLux can be secondarily processed by chemical, abrasive etching, water jet abrasive and diamond saw. Kilolux can also be thermally bent.

iGP also offers a advice on glazing methods and installation of KiloLux. We also install KiloLux.

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